Sunday, 6 January 2013

All the gear, no idea…

There have been a few call outs recently for more photos on our blog entries! The reason we haven't posted many is that we dropped our old compact within the first week of being here, which has made taking pictures a bit difficult. That's all set to change now...

After weeks of research we’re happy to announce that we a the proud new owners of a snazzy new camera. Problem is, we don’t really know how to use it and the instructions are in Chinese. Like a man attacking an IKEA flat pack, we decided this weekend to just give it a go with a view to downloading the manual at a later date. So what better way to show you a typical Sunday in Shanghai than through the lens (of a Sony NEX 7, for those that care...).

All good Sunday's start with a healthy sized brunch. No pictures of food this time, but the park that it overlooked was full of activity. This little play area appears to be an outdoor gym for the elderly! A pretty good effort on a day where the temperature hasn't got over 0 degrees.

We've seen parks being used by many different people on previous visits, and this one was no exception despite the freezing cold. As I've mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I am not keen on taking pictures of people. However, we did ask the people in these few shots and it turns out they love being photographed, so perhaps I was worried for no reason! The pictures depict an activity that goes on in nearly every single park, every single day. I have no idea what they are playing but given the level of interest and the crowds that are attracted, my bet is that there is a few kuai (read quid) at stake.

The next few hours were spent walking around the French Concession looking for opportunities to use the camera. The first hour was largely unsuccessful with a lot of photos being taken but none really standing out. We did get a chance to use some of the   features though, which came out pretty well.

Typically, it's the older generation you see socialising in the parks - they all seem to be there whatever day of the week enjoying themselves. Some just walk around in circles (exercising, I believe?!), some are playing games and others just sit and smile and watch the world go by, as the very cheerful man was in the picture below.

We then headed towards home, leisurely strolling through another park where Michelle captured this beauty. 

All the walking had made us a bit thirsty and the cold was beginning to bite, so we headed in the direction of the nearest cafe, which just so happened to be located in the park, and enjoyed some hot chocolate.


Our Sunday finished up with an early evening stroll past the usual sights, including a few fruit and veg shops.

Finally, I wanted to show you all some of the crazy things people in China try to fit onto their bikes. Problem is, I haven't mastered the moving object on the new camera yet so below is the best I could come up with, apologies.



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